This Artist illustrates Funny and Silly Situations Happens in Everyday Life (20 Comics)

Comics have always been a way for artists to express not only their creativity, but also their thoughts and humor. Many viewers become fans of these artists because, in one way or another, they relate to their work or humor with others. Similarly, there is an artist who makes such comics about the silly situations happens in everyday life which surely we can relate.

It is humorous webcomic about an Indian guy, his girlfriend, his best friend, and many other metaphorical characters. The creative mind behind this webcomic series choose to be anonymous for his audience. The artist behind “CarbComics” has a unique perspective on drawing comics and doesn’t want to be pigeonholed when it comes to inventing new characters and themes.

With currently 13.9k fans, he continue to make comics which can feature human characters with identifiable issues based on real-life experiences such as relationship misunderstandings, mental health issues, and funny scenarios. These things make him different from other artists. Check out some of his comics. We guarantee your time worth to enjoy it. Have fun!

Credit: Carb Comics

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