People Compare How Aliens Would Reconstruct Animals Based On Their 28 Skulls Vs. What They Really Look Like




500 million years ago, no creature had bones. Over time, those plates evolved into the structural wonders that vertebrates have today.

In fact, the skulls are very complex and, when viewed, appear to be those of fabulous and distant creatures. And only with that they already serve us so that the internet has the inspiration of good memes.

This time, people imagine how aliens would reconstruct a creature if the skulls of…cats, dogs, etc. were found. You can see the hilarious results below but be warned: a cat can be a tyrannosaurus in disguise.

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Ashley Mason-Burns-Meerschaert runs the educational section of the Museum of Osteology and has told us more about bones.

Vertebrate fish have the most bones in their skulls, more than 100. Although they may resemble those of different species, there are differences. Some species of shrews and rodents can only be distinguished by dental variations under a microscope.

There may also be sexual dimorphism, with the skulls of males and females of the same species being different.

Bones change due to adaptation to the environment, diet, or due to injury.




Details like huge beads in the eyes indicate that the animal is nocturnal. Large canine teeth indicate that the animal is carnivorous. And the light bones with space for air are adapted for flying animals.




A human skull has 22 bones: 8 cranial and 14 facial. When a baby is born, the frontal bone splits in two, but fuses together as it grows.

But an alligator, for example, has 53 bones in its skull, and it’s not the one with the most.




















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