20 Nothing Suspicious Comics Full Of Random Situations And Clever Twists


I would like to present to you a fresh series of ridiculous comics. An Instagram account named Nothing Suspicious makes hilarious comics and other content that takes a humorous and relatable look at everyday life. It’s a web comic based on unpredictable humor with a focus on weirdness. It was created by two talented artists, whose names are Ryan Selvy and Dylan Young, in January 2017. On Instagram, they have more than 53,900 followers.

The artist says their content is a weird mix of classic comics, cartoons, and modern illustration. The both artists are specializes in all things absurd, featuring relatable humor and unexpected twists. Their comics are known for their dark humor and unexpected punchlines. They often feature strange creatures, bizarre situations, and hilarious conversations. We have compiled their best 20 comics in the following section. If you want to enjoy them, then keep scrolling.

Credit: Nothing Suspicio.Us

For More Info: Instagram | Facebook Website

#1. Tattoos


#2. What a Beautiful Night

#3. Violated


#4. Unclean Spirit

#5. Christmas Past


#6. Sleep time

They mostly capture humor in four-panel comics. According to them, their comics are the best way to enjoy them if you are struggling in everyday life. The artists claim that most of the ideas come to them when they are free and spending their time with friends. That’s how they hilariously depict these concepts in their comics.

#7. Browsing History


#8. Currency

#9. Flat


#10. Just a minute

#11. Toll Of The Trains


#12. Human Show

#13. Ghost


#14. Wash Hands

#15. Transportation


If you’re looking for something surprised and hilarious, Nothing Suspicious is definitely worth checking out. You can find them on their website or on social media. If you like the blog don’t  forget to comment about your favorite comic and share this blog. You can also enjoy his previous posts on our website by simply clicking here, Here and here.

#16. Way of the Blade

#17. Parenting Decisions


#18. Tips for Taking Care of Your Plants

#19. String Cheese


#20. Online Quizzes

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