20 Nothing Suspicious Comics Based on Absurd Scenarios Will Surely Amuse You


Let me introduce you to a brand-new series of absurd comics. A brand called NothingSuspicio.us makes comics and other content that takes a humorous and satirical look at everyday life. It’s a biweekly non-linear humor webcomic with a focus on everything ridiculous. It started in January 2017 and was created by Dylan Young and Ryan Selvy. He has more than 54,300 followers on his Instagram account. “A weird mix of classic comics, cartoons, and modern illustration” is how Ryan and Dylan Young characterize their artistic style.

The talented team behind this comic, Ryan Selvy and Dylan Young, have crafted a potent blend of puns, absurd settings, and philosophical musings. Nothing suspicious quietly explores deeper topics as the surface crackles with humor. It examines cosmic dread, societal fears, and the natural oddity of daily existence through the lens of the absurd. By clicking here and here, you can also read some of his previous posts on Boredcomics.

Credit: Nothing Suspicio.Us

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#1. Summer Mosquitoes


#2. Gambling Problem

#3. Together Forever


#4. Virtual Reality Glasses

#5. Self Driving Cars


This comic duo is masterful at capturing absurd situations from everyday life in a hilarious way. The artists claim that most of the ideas come to them when they are free and spending their time with friends. That’s how they capture these ideas in a hilarious way in their comics.

#6. Justice League

#7. Trigger Happiness


#8. Ambulance

#9. God


#10. Like Tested

#11. Face


#12. Error

Nothing suspicious is the perfect vacation if you’re sick of the same old comics and long for something that will make you laugh out loud and bend your thoughts. So explore the delightful depths of this bizarre cosmos, laugh heartily, and experience the satisfaction of discovering humor even in the most unlikely places. Just keep in mind that there are a ton of amusing oddities waiting to be discovered, so nothing about this place is suspect.

#13. Shallow


#14. New Beginnings

#15. That’s it


#16. Customer Service

NothingSuspicio.us quietly addresses serious subjects beneath the humor. The absurdity serves as a mirror through which its authors examine the human condition, making light of social worries, existential dread, and the ridiculousness of daily life. They remind us that life, in all its craziness, is fairly funny while challenging our views and making us laugh at ourselves through absurd scenarios.

#17. Right Swipe


#18. Stop

#19. Fire Fighter


#20. Game Show

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