20 Needle Wig Comics Based on Bizarre Situations to Giggle You

Comics based on bizarre situations tickle our funny bones in a multitude of ways, often playing on elements of surprise, absurdity, and the unexpected. Just when you think you’ve got the situation figured out, the comic takes a sharp turn into the world of the laugh. That’s why these comics make us laugh by capturing bizarre situations.

Needle Wig stands out in her ability to capture these private experiences. Deividas Tamosiunas, a Lithuanian artist, created this webcomic. The artist is well-known on Instagram for her sweet and humorous comics. She frequently explores strange circumstances and the beauty of ordinary life in her cartoons. With more than 25,000 followers, she has a sizable following on Instagram. To see her comics, scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Needle.Wig

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#1. Feel Nice

#2. Loneliness

#3. Crowded Places

#4. Gentleman

#5. Bleeding

#6. Just Joking

Needle Wig offers you an unexpected twist that makes you laugh and surprised just when you think you get the joke. You keep coming back for more because of the comics’ unpredictable nature. You can also find them on Instagram or in webtoons, and you can get your daily dose of humor in no time.

#7. Luck

#8. Good Listener

#9. Hug

#10. Wish

#11. New Group

#12. Helpful

#13. Hope

#14. Always Worried

#15. Showing Up

Her bizarre, four-panel comics are a delicious dose of humor with unexpected turns. distinctive style combines a humorous yet twisted sense of humor with wholesome-looking artwork. The entertainers often take ordinary situations and transform them into ridiculous and funny situations that make you laugh out loud. You can read some of her earlier posts on our website by clicking here and here.

#16. Cut

#17. Car

#18. Big Part

#19. Adventure Movie

#20. Real Friends

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