20 Quirky and Relatable Comics about Relationship by Ok Blue Comics

We’re here today to present to you another amazing collection of comics […]

We’re here today to present to you another amazing collection of comics from Ok Blue Comics. The brilliant Instagram artist behind this web comic series is well-known for their bizarre, eccentric, and hilarious works. When we talk about how he started this web comic, he says that he was unable to sleep in 2019. He is quite tense and keeps waking up in the middle of the night. This led him to start drawing cartoons.

He works hard to create this type of content for his fans. By doing so, he is able to reach a huge audience of 40,600 followers on his Instagram account. Incredibly bizarre situations and a blue figure who challenges reason and regular sense are features of his comics. His comics are full of surprising turns and twists that make viewers laugh and wonder what will happen next. In the next section, let’s explore some of his best comics.

Credit: Ok Blue Comics

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#1. Best gift ever

#2. Game

#3. Last Time


#4. Happy New Year

#5. What they say

#6. New Year Resolution


He is well-known for his quirky and realistic comics about ordinary life, many of which center on romantic relationships. The primary subject matter consists of amusing scenarios and insights regarding relationships, often depicted by the artist couple Mr. and Mrs. Blue. Because of their reachable content and humorous style, these comics have a large following. In contrast to the relationship-focused content, their comics are adorable and lighthearted.

#7. Great News

#8. Hoodie

#9. Mad


#10. Pizza

#11. Compliment

#12. Cats are so cute


#13. Book

#14. Who tries to pet ducks?

Overall, he provides a lighthearted and realistic perspective on daily life, charmingly and humorously expressing the pleasures and difficulties of relationships. This account is worth checking out if you’re seeking humorous comics that you can relate to. Please remember to share and leave a comment if you enjoy the blog. You can also read some of his earlier posts on Bored comics by clicking here and here.

#15. Help


#16. Smash

#17. Life of an artist

#18. Candy Bowl


#19. Joke

#20. Disgusting

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