Here are 20 Absurd Comics Full of Quirks by Ok Blue Comics Which will Surely Giggles You




An emerging tendency in the world of comics is absurd comics with peculiar plots. The peculiar plots, oddball characters, and unconventional comedy of these comics define them. They frequently question the established rules of storytelling, providing viewers with an engaging and novel experience. Readers can find relief from the pressures of everyday life by escaping into the absurd world of the stories and laughing at how ridiculous it all is thanks to the strange situations and unconventional humor. 

Introducing you to another excellent compilation of Ok Blue Comics‘ comics. The gifted Instagram artist who is the brains behind this webcomic series is known for their absurd, quirky, and humorous creations. In 2019, he experienced sleeplessness. He experiences a great deal of tension and keeps waking up at night. He began creating cartoons as a result of this. On social media, they have a devoted following of 47,800, thanks to their distinctive manner and capacity to produce heartfelt laughs.

His comics feature absurd scenarios and a blue character that defy logic and common sense. Their comics are filled with unexpected twists and turns that keep readers guessing and laughing. They have a knack for taking mundane situations and transforming them into bizarre and hilarious scenes that leave readers scratching their heads and laughing out loud. His comics are visually stunning, and the bright colors help to emphasize the absurdity of the scenarios they depict. Let’s take a look at some of his recent illustrations.

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Credit: Ok Blue Comics

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#1. My biggest fear?

#2. First day of school

#3. Dad

#4. Aahhh parenting

#5. Candy bowl

#6. Just a minute

#7. Happy Halloween!

#8. When you wish upon a star

#9. Missing a sock anyone?

#10. Whoops my bad

#11. Home workout

#12. You are really smart!

#13. That’s disgusting!

#14. Who’s hungry?

#15. Wish you were here!

#16. It’s because I’m physically so fit

#17. If only I could grow

#18. Telephone calls change everything

#19. Among us

#20. Five years!

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