20 Tony Esp Comics Full of Dark Humor and Unexpected Endings

Tony Esp Comics, Dark humor is not for everyone, but the artist likes to believe that nothing is off the table when it comes to comedy. It’s the funniest thing ever for certain people. However, there’s a certain thrill for people who enjoy the dark side of humor. We therefore present a fresh selection of these comics for fans of dark humor.

We’re bringing you another artist’s comic today to brighten your day. Tony Espinoza is the name of the artist. He is also an animator. His residence is in Mexico. For his followers, he creates dark, humorous comics with surprising twists. In 2016, the artist began creating comics. He blends dark humor with laughter to create comics. For this reason, he now has 37,500 Instagram followers. In the next section, let’s enjoy some of his best comics.

Credit: Tony Esp

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#1. The Chase

#2. Modern Generation

#3. The Apocalypse

#4. The Birthday

#5. Texting

#6. Relatable

He’s based in Spain, and his work is infused with a playful sense of humor and a unique artistic style. He tackles everyday themes and experiences in a humorous way, making us feel seen and understood. His comics feature everyday mishaps and are full of unexpected twists and turns that leave you chuckling.

#7. The Memory

#8. The Interrogation

#9. Movies

#10. Pizza

#11. Time of the month

#12. Night Walk

#13. War Zone

#14. Funeral

Tony Esp Comics

He claims that most of his joke ideas occur to him while taking a shower and that he does not sit around thinking of jokes. After that, he creates comics based on his ideas, which his admirers constantly enjoy. For him, his comics are even weirder. Although many artists create dark comics, this one stands out from the others due to his ability to create comics with surprising turns. Feel free to explore some of his previous posts on Bored Comics by clicking herehere, and here.

#15. Full Moon

Tony Esp Comics

#16. Music

Tony Esp Comics

#17. Late for school

#18. Cat Food

Tony Esp Comics

#19. The Drawing

Tony Esp Comics

#20. Second Date

Tony Esp Comics

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