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Liz Climo, a talented cartoonist, brings life to a world where animals chat, joke, and go about their daily lives just like us. If you’ve ever seen cute, witty animal cartoons circulating on the internet, chances are you’ve encountered Liz Climo’s delightful creations. What sets Liz Climo apart is her knack for capturing the essence of everyday situations through the lens of these charming critters. Whether it’s a bear and a bunny discussing life’s quirks or a dinosaur navigating modern challenges, her comics are pure gold, guaranteed to make you crack a smile.

Her drawings aren’t just about laughs; they carry heartwarming messages of friendship, kindness, and understanding. Through simple yet expressive illustrations, she effortlessly communicates life’s lessons, often wrapped in the innocent antics of her animal characters. You can also see her previous posts on Bored Comics by clicking here and here.

Credit: Liz Climo

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#1. Sorry

#2. Ghost

#3. It’s haunted

#4. Costume

#5. Halloween

Liz Climo is an American cartoonist, animator, children’s book author, and illustrator. She is best known for her webcomics, which she posts regularly to her website, The Little World of Liz, and her Rory the Dinosaur children’s book series. She has also been animating the television series The Simpsons since 2003. By doing so, she is able to reach an audience of 1 million followers.

#6. Skeleton

#7. Didn’t Work

#8. Spider Webs

#9. Snowman

#10. Paperwork

#11. Another

Climo’s webcomics are characterized by their simple, clean lines and their heartwarming and humorous stories about animals. Her characters often express a range of emotions, from joy and love to sadness and frustration, in a way that is both relatable and funny. Climo’s work has been praised for its originality, creativity, and humor. In addition to her webcomics, Climo has also written and illustrated several children’s books, including the Rory the Dinosaur series. Her books have been praised for their gentle humor and their positive messages about friendship and self-acceptance.

#12. Plan

#13. Grocery Store

#14. Brutal

#15. Really Sad

#16. To Do List

#17. Iced Coffee

With her background as a former animator for “The Simpsons,” Liz Climo’s talent shines through in the delightful expressions and relatable scenarios she crafts. Her comics have found a cozy spot in many hearts, gaining a massive following across social media platforms. Liz Climo’s comics offer a momentary escape into a land where animals teach us about compassion, acceptance, and the joy of the little things. They’re a reminder that, despite our differences, we’re not so different after all—just like these lovable critters. So, next time you stumble upon a cartoon of a bear and a penguin having a chat or a witty exchange between a turtle and a squirrel, chances are, you’ve had a glimpse into Liz Climo’s wonderful world.

#18. Healthy Dinner

#19. Will you help me?

#20. Mother’s Day

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