20 Brand-New Comics by Artist Liz Climo About the Awkward Daily Lives of Animals




The talented illustrator Elizabeth (Liz) Climo is back with new, adorably endearing illustrations of her cartoon creatures’ everyday interactions. Her simple, sweet comics depict the problems and circumstances that animals might run into on a regular basis if they interacted with one another the way we do. Climo’s work as an artist began in 2007, when she was hired as a character designer for The Simpsons. While she was employed there, she began creating her own comics on the side, with animal motifs. She ultimately decided to leave The Simpsons in order to concentrate exclusively on her artistic endeavors.

Her comics are known for their simple yet charming art style and their relatable humor. Her characters are often anthropomorphic animals, including rabbits, bears, penguins, and more. They go about their daily lives, encountering awkward situations and dealing with everyday problems, just like humans do. Whether it’s dealing with social anxiety, struggling to find motivation, or just trying to get through the day, Climo’s characters offer a lighthearted and relatable perspective on the human experience.

One of the things that sets Climo’s work apart is her ability to capture the personalities of her animal characters. Despite their non-human appearances, her characters are full of life and emotion. Whether it’s a shy penguin struggling to make friends or a lazy sloth putting off chores, each character is unique and relatable in their own way. Her charming animal characters and relatable humor have made her work a favorite among 1 million fans of all ages. With her unique style and universal appeal, it’s no wonder that Climo’s comics have become such a sensation. You can enjoy her recent 20 illustrations by scrolling down.

Credit: Liz Climo

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#1. Love isn’t something to say

#2. Recipe please?

#3. I am very brave!

#4. Get back in the water

#5. Stressed!

#6. Time to get cozy

#7. I will try again next year

#8. Happy new year!

#9. Merry Christmas!

#10. This bag is empty

#11. It’s the broccoli in the year for me

#12. I will order another one

#13. I love pie!

#14. On my way to give you a little hug

#15. The best!

#16. Too hard for me

#17. Are there any ghosts?

#18. That worked out pretty well

#19. That’s just soop

#20. They are real!

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