20 Litterbox Comics about Parenthood Using Animal Characters

I would like to briefly introduce you to Francesca Hause, a new artist. She is an illustrator, a mother of two, and the creator of the adorable comic book series Litterbox Comics, which follows her family’s journeys. The surprise is that the artist portrays her friends and family as a cute cat family because she dislikes drawing people. She loves to use cats as characters in her comics.

As stated in her bio, becoming a parent is weird. In his comics, the artist depicts hilarious scenarios that most parents as well as cat owners can relate to. The main theme of her comics is adorableness and sweetness. There are currently 434,000 users who follow her on Instagram. A selection of her 20 adorable and creative illustrations can be found in the next section. You may view these comics by scrolling down.

Credit: Litterbox Comics

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#1. Go Outside

#2. First Wish

#3. Bedtime Thoughts

#4. New Year diet

#5. Little Jerk

#6. A Woman’s Place

Her comics feature animal characters, often cats and dogs, and explore relatable themes like pet ownership, parenthood, and everyday life. The humor is often observational and witty, with a touch of sarcasm and self-deprecating humor. She usually explores everyday life with a touch of humor to make us laugh. Her comics are always colorful, which makes them captivating and eye-catching.

#7. Mommy’s Little Helper

#8. Actual conversation

#9. Are your kids staying up?

#10. Win

#11. How are your resolutions going?

#12. Nuggets

#13. Night Cat

#14. Gaming

#15. Move Over

From their cuddly activities to their distinct characteristics, each comic perfectly captures these furry animals’ unique personalities. Another reason for the rise in popularity of litterbox cartoons is the universal appeal of their attractive themes. She usually uses a cat character, which attracts the viewers the most. You can enjoy some of her earlier posts on our website by simply clicking here, here, and here.

#16. Watch me

#17. Magic workshop

#18. Wish List

#19. Shopping

#20. Cuddles

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