What it’s like to be a Mom is Perfectly Shown in 20 Kitty Comics by Litter Box




Since more and more artists are looking to feline themes for creative inspiration, cat comics have grown in popularity. Cats are depicted in these cartoons in a variety of settings, from their playful antics to their more reserved moments. These comics frequently focus on the peculiarities and relationships between cats and their human partners.

Today we are here to bring you another webcomic series named “Litter Box Comics.” The artist behind Litter Box comics is Francesca Hause. However, her work speaks for itself. The artist creates comics that revolve around the daily lives of cats and their human companions. The comics are simple yet relatable, often featuring humorous situations that any pet owner can relate to. What sets Litter Box Comics apart from other animal-themed artists is their ability to capture the essence of cats in their work. She currently has 432,000 Instagram followers. 

Each comic perfectly captures the distinct personalities of these furry animals, from their aloofness to their playful antics. The fact that the subject matter is so universally appealing is another factor in the rise in popularity of litter box cartoons. People all over the world adore cats, and the artist’s ability to capture their peculiarities and idiosyncrasies has struck a chord with viewers of all ages and socioeconomic backgrounds. Litter Box Comics also has several books showcasing their work that were published in addition to their Instagram account. For anyone who appreciates a good laugh or who loves cats, these books make wonderful presents. Scroll down to the section below to enjoy her most up-to-date 20 comics.

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Credit: Litter Box Comics

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#1. Death kick

#2. Bustin

#3. Missing

#4. Saw this thing

#5. Reframe

#6. Fresh baked

#7. Inside

#8. Aladdin

#9. Relaxing day

#10. Have a hunch

#11. Taking twees

#12. Cleaned up

#13. Nightmare fuel

#14. Witch

#15. Superstitious

#16. Specter Halloween

#17. Susan??

#18. The witching hour

#19. Back to school

#20. Nice, relaxing shower

#21. Ready to tumble

#22. Clever hacks

#23. So obvious

#24. So fun

#25. Influencers

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