Jenny Jinya Makes Everyone Cry With Her Sad Comics Stories (19 Drawings)

Everybody appreciates animals, and many of them cannot see their hardships. If this describes you, then you have reached the perfect spot, as we have gathered yet another excellent selection of her lengthy comedic stories. Meet a talented artist, Jenny Jinya. She is the artist whose lengthy comic stories are renowned for expressing the feelings of animals. The stories she tells cause her listeners to feel depressed and reflect on animals.

Jenny Jinya attended the Academy in Berlin to study communication design. Her artistic abilities and storytelling approaches improved as a result. At the young age of sixteen, she staged her first exhibitions in Germany. Her early artwork is being actively displayed, which inspired her to launch this comic book series for her followers. That shows how her artist journey got off to an early start.

Through her work, brilliant artist Jenny Jinya has inspired people all over the world. She uses lovable animal characters to produce powerful comics that address important issues like the destruction of the environment and animal abuse and neglect. Her art helps us pay attention to the world, the people in it, and how we treat it by acting as a harsh reminder. She has 756,000 followers on Instagram. The part that follows is a collection of her best stories.

Credit: Jenny Jinya

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#1. Love all my creations Equally


She is a self-employed illustrator from Germany that specializes in realistic topics and heartbreaking situations in her comics. Jenny Jinya is a well-known artist who focuses on exploring love, sorrow, and hope as themes. She is well known for her lengthy comedic stories that beautifully convey the feelings of animals. The stories she tells make her audience upset and make them think about animals. To spread awareness, she creates comics with a strong animal welfare theme.

#2. So Many Lives Lost In These Fires


#3. Mr. Death


The artwork she creates mostly conveys emotions and aspires to raise awareness of various animal-related issues, including animal abuse, environmental harm, and pet adoption. Our choice of her most well-known series is focused on sad and distressing interactions with animals. Visit these links if you think this blog is entertaining and would like to read more of this artist’s sad stories: HereHere, And Here.

#4. Can You Show It to me again?


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