Artist Jenny Jinya comic shows the story of a fox who fights for his life with a happy ending

Jenny Jinya is an extraordinary graphic artist who has been recognized all over the internet for her comics that make even the toughest of netizens cry. Her cartoons usually give pretty strong lessons about life, animal abuse, so it’s easy to remember her this way.

And it is that over time, Jenny has become quite popular in the networks for her extraordinary works, which are many, but some of the most renowned could be “The Lion” or “The black cat.”

However, this wonderful artist wanted to surprise all her followers with an unexpected change in their stories, to return with a new proposal: “By popular request, I tried to make a comic with a happy ending,” Jenny expressed to all her fans. via a Twitter message. “I was concerned that my readers were exhausted.”

Likewise, she admits that her comic strips are a bit difficult to digest, that is why she has come back with something that could perhaps mean a change in style for her I know, and I read a lot about how much they reach people. So I tried to give my fans something to cheer them on.

Of course, here we have brought all the fans of Jenny Jinya, her new comic strip with which we can finally have the happy ending that we have been longing for.

she came up with the idea to draw this fox comic strip, which is the first “happy” ever. At first, Jenny said she had some doubts that “folks will like this new style, especially with the introduction of the new character ‘Life’.” Meanwhile, he found it very interesting to put his sad series in a whole new light.

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