Jenny Jinya’s Long Animal Comics Strips Will Make You Cry (28 Drawings)

Jenny Jinya is an extraordinary artist whose work has touched people all across the world. She uses charming animal characters to produce powerful comics that address serious subjects such as animal mistreatment and environmental difficulties. Her art is a wake-up call, forcing us to consider the world, how we treat it, and its people. She has 756,000 Instagram followers.

Her comics often try to raise awareness. They generate emotions such as sadness or empathy, which are crucial because they can push us to act. It discusses genuine issues, such as how some animals are mistreated or how nature suffers as a result of human actions. Jenny Jinya’s style is to make use of adorable characters to discuss important topics. Let’s take a look at some of her best comics.

Credit: Jenny Jinya

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#1. No Freedom

Jenny Jinya is an extraordinary graphic artist who has been recognized all over the internet for her comics that make even the toughest of netizens cry. Her cartoons usually give pretty strong lessons about life and animal abuse, so it’s easy to remember her this way. That’s why her comics are always makes her fans smile and cry at the same time.

#2. It’s hard to let your animal go

Her comics are yet to catch the eye of her followers, but she sees bittersweet comics in realistic situations. She always makes lovely animal-long comic strips to teach her large audience meaningful lessons. I hope you enjoy her animal comic strips. Please leave a comment and share this blog. By clicking here and here, you can read some of her earlier articles on Boredcomics.

#3. Good Bye

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