Here are 20 Jenns Comics Based on Strange Situations for Dark Humor Lovers

Jenna Noble is an excellent example of a female artist who creates dark comics while discussing female artists. She is a cartoonist and comedian from New England who creates fresh, weird, dark-human drawings every week. She was able to acquire 54,400 followers on Instagram by producing similar content. The artist states that she smiles when she creates dark comics, and her comics get positive feedback from her audience.

She is best known for her comics series, Jenns Comics. She uses a wide range of people, animals, and characters in her comics to find themselves in a variety of everyday situations that turn into unexpected but understandable ones. Her comics deal with everyday situations that we can all identify with. We have collected her best comic in the next gallery in order to make your day better.

Credit: Jenns Comics

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#1. Plastic Bag

#2. Things are not great

#3. Need Water


#4. Hilarious

#5. Engagement

#6. Hard Truth


Jenna challenged herself to create a comic one day. But she is not perfect at drawing. That’s why she was unable to draw comics at that time. Over time, she mastered her skills in drawing. Then she started making comics and posting them on Instagram. Before posting them on Instagram, she was drawing comics that made her friends laugh.

#7. Want to be Successful

#8. Happy Birthday

#9. How to hide a body


#10. Bait

#11. Funerals

#12. Busy Today


#13. Everyone Laughed

#14. Corn Hub

#15. Silent Blender


Her love of writing and sketching only became stronger as she got older, and she had visions of the day when her works would be featured on the shelves of comic book shops all over the world. Jenna Noble also has a Reddit profile, where you can find out more about her and see some of her comics. By clicking here and here, you can also explore some of her previous posts on our website.

#16. Emotionally Poops

#17. So sorry

#18. Marry me


#19. Heart Attack

#20. Fish

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