20 Jenns Comics Full of Dark Humor Will Make Your Day Better

We’re going to talk about an artist who draws dark comics today. The name of the artist is Jenna Noble. She is a New England-based comic and cartoonist who produces brand-new, strange, dark-humor images each week. Creating similar stuff on Instagram helped her gain 52,100 followers. Making bad comics makes me laugh,” the artist claims. In her comics, a variety of people, animals, and characters are employed to find themselves in a range of ordinary circumstances that change into unexpected but understandable ones.

She conceals the majority of her personal information. Therefore, Jenns Comics, her webcomic series, is the best place to learn about her genuine identity. However, her work conveys a great deal about her distinct outlook on life. Jenns explores the depths of the human mind by infusing humor into the shadows, and she has a fondness for the dark and the strange. Her top 20 comics are available in the following section. By clicking here, you can also explore some of her previous posts on Boredcomics.

Credit: Jenns Comics

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#1. Job Interview

#2. Need to be saved

#3. They are great

#4. Fancy Feast

#5. Dogs with Jobs

#6. Sweep Sweep

When Jenn was younger, the colorful pages of comic books provided her with comfort and inspiration. This was the beginning of her journey into the world of comics. She was inspired to pursue her own creative goals by the storyline and artistic potential that captivated her. Her love of writing and sketching only became stronger as she got older, and she had visions of the day when her works would be featured on the shelves of comic book shops all over the world.

#7. Vietnam War

#8. So Good

#9. Cookies

#10. Penguins

#11. Complimentary Breakfast

#12. Time to go back to bed

#13. Extensive Research

In contrast to traditional comic book creators, Jenns isn’t afraid to tackle life’s harder aspects. Her humor touches on subjects that could make people uncomfortable. Jenns challenges readers to confront what they think about themselves and embrace the absurdity of existence through a variety of styles, from gallows humor that captures deadly curiosity to humor that cuts through societal norms. Accept the dark humor, because sometimes the best jokes can be found in the dark humor. I hope you all find my blog interesting. Remember to leave a comment and to share.

#14. Happy New Year

#15. Adventurous Dog

#16. No Tears

#17. Lucky Day

#18. Hard Day

#19. Wolves

#20. Happy Birthday

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