20 Comics by the Cartoonist Who is Well-Known for Her Dark Sense of Humor




Step into a realm where humor takes on a twisted yet delightful form. Welcome to the world of Comics by the cartoonist Jenns, a master of dark humor whose distinctive style and unapologetic wit have earned her a devoted following of 47,700 on her Instagram account. Her true identity remains hidden, but her art speaks volumes about her unique perspective on life. With a penchant for the macabre and a fascination for the bizarre, Jenns weaves humor into the shadows, exploring the depths of the human psyche.

Jenns Comics is a comic series created by Jenna Noble, who is also known as Jazz or Jas. Jenna is a comic artist, illustrator, and animator who creates witty and cute comics that are well-drawn and have a dark sense of humor. Jenn’s journey into the world of comics began during her childhood, where she found solace and inspiration in the colorful pages of comic books. She was enamored by the power of art and storytelling, which sparked her own creative desires.

As she grew older, her passion for drawing and writing only intensified, and she dreamed of a day when her creations would grace the shelves of comic book stores worldwide. Unlike conventional comic artists, Jenns doesn’t shy away from exploring the darker side of life. Her humor delves into themes that may leave some uneasy. From gallows humor that tickles morbid curiosity to satire that pierces through societal norms, Jenns challenges readers to confront their own preconceptions and embrace the absurdity of existence. Embrace the shadows, for in the darkness, you might just find the brightest laughs.

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Credit: Jenns Comics

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#1. Ice cream

#2. Singles

#3. Make the team

#4. New job

#5. Grandson

#6. Got it

#7. Scary

#8. When life gives you lemons

#9. Wanna spoon?

#10. It’s cold

#11. Friendship

#12. Dolphin man (Part 1)

#13. Dolphin man (Part 2)

#14. Butchering

#15. Never more

#16. Exorcism

#17. Candy corn

#18. Horseman

#19. Tomb

#20. Monkey paw

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