20 Berry Punny Comics Based on Dark Humor to Make You Laugh Out Loud

Berry Punny Comics is an Instagram account that was created by a talented artist who does not reveal his name. He is the artist who creates comics based on the combination of dark humor and hilarious situations to make people laugh out loud. He is a brilliant artist who has a perfect sense of humor, which motivated him to start his comic series. His comics are typically three to four panels long with hand-drawn artwork.


Although the humor in his comics draws its inspiration from dark and humorous situations, it is still funny and understandable. It contributes to the humor of his comics. He communicates with his 1,165 fans on social media and stays busy there. He even took inspiration from their suggestions and then made changes to his comics according to those suggestions. His comics became more well-known as a result of this mutual interaction.

Credit: Berry Punny Comics

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#1. Who Said That?


#2. Hate it


#3. Never Fear

#4. Never Dated Before


#5. Hump Day

#6. Separates us from the animals


The artist wants to do a graphic design degree, but his father wants to make him an engineer. So, he started the degree of becoming an engineer in order to fulfill his father’s wish. But soon after graduating, he started to pursue his own interests. So, he started this comic series in 2019.

#7. Listen Up

#8. Hilarious


#9. Excited

#10. Feeble Planet


#11. Trending

#12. Revenge


#13. Just Kill Me

Although he started making comics and posted them on his Instagram account, he is unable to get the same positive response as he was expected to. That’s why he does not have a large audience on his Instagram account. But he continues to make comics. Hopefully, one day he will succeed in his goal of making his comics series one of the best comic strips in the world of comics. For this, you have to share this blog with others as much as you can.

#14. Call you later


#15. Bad Guys

#16. Death


#17. Exercising

#18. Big Moon


#19. Good Vibes

#20. Sword Fight


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