Here is The Long Comic Story About Hell’s Guest by King Louie’s Lab (47 Pics)

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We are back to discuss the King Louie’s Lab Instagram account. It’s a well-known Instagram artist. His strange and appealing comics, which often contain unexpected twists, have contributed to her gaining a sizable fan following. Her comics explore a wide variety of topics, including everyday life, love, and social commentary. His absurd humor and willingness to address difficult topics set him apart from other creators.


He is the artist who mostly creates comics about Ant’s life. His unique and innovative approach has helped him collect 13,400 social media followers. He is a comic strip artist whose work is renowned for taking stories in unexpected directions that leave viewers surprised and wanting more. A selection of his best illustrations can be found in the following section. To view these comics, simply scroll down to the section below.

Credit: King Louie’s Lab

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Hell is Guest

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This comic story totally revolves around hell. In this comic story, we can see life after death in a horror way. There are many horrible creatures in this comic story, which you can see throughout the article. The artist is basically trying to say that Hell is a guest, as the title of this comic story suggests. This comic story revolves around the characters, which are the artist himself, demons, monsters, and Satan.

image 2765
image 2766
image 2767
image 2768
image 2769
image 2770
image 2771
image 2772
image 2773
image 2774
image 2775
image 2776

Those with a dark sense of humor love the artist’s comics. He expertly conveys comedy and emotion through the gestures and body language of his characters. He creates hundreds of new drawings, all with creative stories that are more interesting and entertaining than the ones in the past. If you want to read the second part of this comic story, then stay connected with us.

image 2777
image 2778
image 2779
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image 2790
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