20 Lefty Comics Based on Adventures of the Artist Herself and Fantasy Themes

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When you are sad, the best way is to enjoy comics. For this, you have come to the right place because there are a variety of comics available on our website. People see more calm when they can find humor in hard times. Having a good laugh can lift your spirits and enable you to overcome difficulties. To brighten your day, we have another excellent selection of comics for you today. So that you will forget about your worries.


Lefty Comics is a web comic creator that creates comics combining fantasy themes and the creator’s personal adventures. Her specialties include comics, art, voice acting, and animation. She creates content and is an artist. Her charming and hilarious artwork has made her popular. He manages a community on Instagram where he shares his crafts and interacts with her fans, even though he only has 1,107 followers overall.

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#1. Winter

image 2728

#2. Battle Axe

image 2729

#3. Win Over

image 2730

#4. Final Boss

image 2731

#5. Player

image 2732

#6. Every Mistake

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She is an Asian-American writer based in Brooklyn. In 2014, the artist enrolled on Instagram. The artist’s main objective is to produce comics with a lighthearted fantasy style. Her comics have been published on a few well-known comics websites and translated into other languages. Her comics are typically charming and funny, and they are always enjoyable for those who love fantasy themes.

#7. Class Reunion

image 2734

#8. Realistic and Fun

image 2735

#9. Demons

image 2736

#10. Another World

image 2737

#11. Deposit Section

image 2738

#12. Life Stresses

image 2739

#13. Loser

image 2740

#14. Crossing a River

image 2741

The artist has always enjoyed creating wordless parts. She considers the effects of telling people about her experiences anywhere in the world. She shared a few jokes on social media with much nervousness and a lack of trust in herself, but she did not receive any encouraging responses. Remember to share this blog with your friends if you think it’s interesting.

#15. Super Market

image 2742

#16. Need Your Help

image 2743

#17. Alien Geometry

image 2744

#18. Under my Bed

image 2745
image 2746
image 2747
image 2748

#19. Quest

image 2749
image 2750

#20. Impressive Civilization

image 2751
image 2752
image 2753
image 2754

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