20 Single-Panel Comics Full of Deep Thoughts by Cartoonist Mom

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Cartoonist Mom is an Instagram account that is famous for creating single-panel comics. It was created by cartoonist Tina. She originates from the United States and draws cartoons. Her one-panel comics are widely recognized as having a deep message. Surprising punchlines, strange characters, and unexpected settings are all too common in her comedy. She often makes use of just one panel to make her audience laugh by doing this.


She now has a sizable following on Instagram, with 1,279 followers. She began by creating comics using pen and paper drawings. She continues by saying that it usually appears to be far more difficult for someone to make a joke in a single-panel mini-story because the humor in a single panel is usually humorous. The artist thought it would be smart to fit everything into one frame. Let’s enjoy some of her best comics.

Credit: Cartoonist Mom

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#1. Plastics

image 2804

#2. Muted

image 2805

#3. Cruise Ship

image 2806

#4. Let me Guess

image 2807

#5. What Happens?

image 2808

#6. Guess

image 2809

As the name of the comic series suggests, she is also a mother. Sometimes, she also makes comics about the humorous and relatable experiences of being a mom. She describes herself on her Instagram bio as a mom, science writer, and artist. She is a very hard-working female who does three jobs at a time, and she perfectly manages them for some time. But after a few years, she stopped making new comics due to her busy schedule.

#7. Fatal

image 2810

#8. One Year

image 2811

#9. Come

image 2812

#10. Split King

image 2813

#11. Switch

image 2814

#12. Ever Given

image 2815

#13. Consultant

image 2816

#14. Right Way

image 2817

She typically uses just one panel for this, which makes her audience laugh. Her comics are so flawless that all you have to do is look at them for a moment to understand the story as a whole. Her comics of the day can be humorous and enjoyable. If you’re seeking happiness, you might find Cartoonist Mom to be an interesting comic series. Have a great time.

#15. Marry Me

image 2818

#16. Saying No

image 2820

#17. Animal Thing

image 2821

#18. Rules

image 2822

#19. Let me

image 2823

#20. Long

image 2824

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