20 Always Uncanny Comics Based on Situations That Happen in Daily Life

We are back to discuss an excellent web comic named Always Uncanny. It has become known for its genuine situations inspired by daily life and humor. Although she is not among the most well-known Instagram users, she makes fantastic comics. Due to her witty and relevant comics, this self-taught American artist and writer has amassed an amazing 6,669 Instagram followers.

Her career in comics began in 2016. She was influenced by other social media artists who make amazing comics. Her ability to so happily and humbly capture the awkward and humorous situations in life is really great. She has a wonderful sense of humor, and his laughs are smart and timely. His latest twenty illustrations are included in the following section.

Credit: Always Uncanny

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#1. Want to draw

#2. Come Quick

#3. Check This Out


#4. Harmless Spider

#5. House

#6. Perfect Drink


The comic strip creator did not grow up loving storytelling and sketching. She only enjoys reading comics. She claimed that drawing comics was an extremely challenging job. But as time goes on, she begins to have second thoughts and attempts to improve her drawing abilities. She began this comic series once she perfected her drawing skills.

#7. Cheating

#8. How Are You?

#9. Great Job


#10. Valentine’s Day

#11. Let me See

#12. Panicked


#13. So Dark

#14. So Bad

She says she likes telling stories. Her biggest task will be to tell them in four panels. She has a loyal following because she can bring humor to even the most awful situations. She usually plays the lead role in her comics, which mostly portray awkward circumstances that we have all witnessed. The intention of recording these moments is to allow people to find humor in their own awkward situations.

#15. Inner Peace


#16. Feeling Lonely

#17. So Tired

#18. Good Mood


#19. Happy

#20. Vampire

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