Here are the 20 Witty Comics about Random Thoughts That will Surely Amuse You

Here are the 20 Witty Comics about Random Thoughts That will Surely Amuse You

Every day, you may have seen many comics; some of them are dark, some of them are hilarious, and some of them are on random topics. The webcomic “Samimations” on Instagram ought to be one of your favorites if you’re a serious comics enthusiast. It starts in late 2020 with the primary purpose of preventing boredom. Unknown but a student at the time, the creator of the artwork draws inspiration from a variety of YouTube animators, including JaidenAnimations and other creators.

The time it takes to complete a comic, according to the author, “generally depends on how I’m feeling at the moment.” When she is feeling extremely optimistic and determined, it normally takes me an hour or more to get through a day. Basically, her father taught her how to draw, and she decided to pursue painting and drawing out of curiosity. She merely kept observing her methods after that. She wants to create comics in order to improve her artistic abilities and give others a chance to interact with her work.

Although she does not have enough followers on her Instagram account, her comics are always brilliant. Ideas for illustrations typically come from unexpected thoughts and memes seen when browsing social media. As seen, Samimations comics have a colorful and energetic touch on each frame. The illustrations are similarly colorful and certain to catch your eye right away. We’ve gathered some recently uploaded comics here, so relax, get a drink, and start scrolling. Enjoy!

Credit: Samimations

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