Through her 25 Comics, a Siberian artist Depicts What it’s Like to Live with Ferrets

Through her 25 Comics, a Siberian artist Depicts What it’s Like to Live with Ferrets

Well, since we are both humans, we occasionally struggle with various things. An issue will arise from the external environment that will have an impact on us, sometimes creating a significant conflict between the mind and the heart and forcing us to make a decision. That is how life continues. There are always circumstances where you need to put an end to the internal chatter from routine tasks like caring for ferrets or any other type of pet.

Let me introduce you to a comic book creator who specializes in depicting life with ferrets. Meet the humorous comic strip creator from Siberia, Liza Nechaeva, who has been chronicling the ridiculously charming exploits of her two cat snakes. She is well known for the Siberian Lizard comics series. With 134,000 Instagram followers each, the excitable ferrets going by the names of Meemoo and Feefo are influencers in their own right. Additionally, they serve as the main themes of Liza’s illustrations.

The illustrator from Siberia, who is presently residing in London, revealed to us that she typically begins by sketching the punchline and then works backward to construct a comedic script. Since Liza’s two ferrets offer so many amusing opportunities throughout the day, observational humor makes up the majority of her jokes. However, Liza found no ferret-related comics when she first started creating them. Liza thinks that many ferret owners will be able to identify with her comics and see a similar dynamic in their own homes. Let’s look at a few of her wonderful drawings.

Credit: Siberian Lizard

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