This Cartoonist’s 20 Funny and Strange Comics illustrate Afterlife

Have you ever considered what life after death will be like or the people you could encounter? It’s a difficult question, and barely anyone can respond. Death is everlasting, whereas life is fleeting and delightful. You will always find the subject of death lacking in interest if you find everything else in this world to be boring. Only a few cartoonists produce cartoons about these subjects since it is challenging to make them entertaining.

Jorgen Van Santen, an artist based in Oslo, developed the webcomic Death & the Maiden. The comic includes Death, a deceased girl who was on the phone when she was hit by a bus, and all of the humorous but slightly macabre escapades the two go into. Using his comics as his medium, Santen investigates strange animals and phenomena and uses them to represent social norms from the perspective of the dead.

The majority of his thoughts on comics come up naturally during conversations with family or friends. The creator claimed that the comic’s idea first surfaced in 2016 when he entered a national comic competition. Jorgen claims that because he needed at least 15 episodes to enter, the competition provided him with both a goal and a deadline. 69,600 people are currently following him on Instagram. Let’s look at some of his most impressive illustrations. Enjoy your day!

Credit: Death & the Maiden

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