Here are 20 Katalyst Comics That Shows hilarious and Relatable Adventures

Kyle is the creator of a webcomic named Katalyst Comics. The creator started this comic during the lockdown in 2020, at a difficult time in his own life. He thinks that making comics is a great way to relax and make other people happy. The artist never enrolled in a professional art program, but that didn’t stop him from having fun and making humorous illustrations.

He has 32,500 Instagram followers. When Kyle was first exposed to the world of science fiction and superheroes, he developed a deep love for comic books. He refined his artistic abilities over time and started experimenting with various mediums and techniques. He founded Katalyst Comics because he was passionate about making strange and unique comics. His comics push viewers to look beyond what appears to be humor in them and maybe both relatable and humorous at the same time. Enjoy these twenty of his finest comics.

Credit: Katalyst Comics

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#1. Little Specimen

#2. Fair Fight

#3. Warmer Regions

#4. Love

#5. Quite Cool

#6. Still Working

This series, primarily created by Kyle under the Blue Boi nickname, focuses on hilarious and wacky adventures centered around the world of Pokemon. His comics feature a broader range of themes and humor styles, often encompassing random and relatable situations delivered in a four-panel format. The artist loves to draw comics about superheroes.

#7. That’s Sweet

#8. Have Fun

#9. Malfunctioned

#10. Happy Valentines Day

#11. Drawing

#12. Challenging

#13. Defeated

The artist says art can be one of the best ways to express your emotions and release stress. For many people who struggle with loneliness, enjoying comics is the best way to cope with such struggles. If you’re looking for comics that will make you laugh, think, and feel good, then Katalyst Comics is definitely worth checking out. For his previous posts on our website, click here and here.

#14. Adventure

#15. New Year Resolution

#16. Much Better

#17. Embarrassing

#18. Concert

#19. Good Boy

#20. Spirit Animal

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