Here are 20 Quirky Comics Full of Random Twists by Katalyst Comics

Kyle is a talented artist and the creator of the webcomic series Katalyst Comics, which features a range of unique and exciting titles. His unique style and sense of humor have made him a favorite among fans of absurd and irreverent comedy. Kyle’s love for comics began at a young age, and he has spent years honing his skills as an artist and storyteller. His comics are known for their ridiculous and over-the-top humor, often featuring bizarre and surreal scenarios that challenge readers to think beyond the limits of their imagination.


Kyle’s love for comics started at a young age when he was first introduced to the world of superheroes and science fiction. Over the years, he developed his artistic skills and began to experiment with different styles and mediums. His passion for creating unique and absurd comics led him to create Katalyst Comics. His comics can be both hilarious and unsettling, challenging readers to think beyond the surface level of a joke. He has 31,300 Instagram followers.

As the owner of Katalyst Comics, Kyle is committed to creating comics that showcase diverse voices and perspectives. He believes that everyone’s story deserves to be told and is dedicated to amplifying underrepresented voices in the comic book industry. Through his work with Katalyst Comics, Kyle has created a space for new and exciting talent to emerge and thrive. Kyle’s work is sure to continue to captivate and delight fans of absurd and irreverent humor for years to come. We have compiled his best illustrations in the next section. You can check out these comics by scrolling down.

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Credit: Katalyst Comics

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#1. Bad guy

#2. Don’t make a mistake on the first date


#3. When it’s too soon to decorate for the holidays

#4. Finally


#5. Phase 10

#6. Feel much better


#7. Let’s go

#8. Rock dude


#9. Rematch!

#10. What?


#11. Skip-bo!

#12. Have fun!


#13. Bet you will never guess what’s inside

#14. Dancing tree


#15. Damn, sun!

#16. Man, that joke was extinction level!


#17. Rotom was never the same ever!

#18. Shedinja does not like sand


#19. Yeet the child

#20. Yes, yes it is


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