Here are 20 At Random Comics That Will Bring Smile to Your Face

If you enjoy funny comics, you’re in the right place because we’re bringing another talented artist to you today who uses one-panel comics to make his audience laugh. Introducing Ryan Mason, the man behind At Random Comics. Since 2007, he has sketched every week. He lives in the Pacific Northwest and works as a graphic designer, artist, and aspiring cartoonist. On Facebook, he has 5,000 followers.

His witty, sometimes dark, and biting sense of humor is well recognized from his comics. It covers a wide range of subjects, from social commentary to everyday observations, always with a sharp wit and surprising turns. He only uses one panel to make his audience laugh in this way. The artist claims that one panel, as opposed to four or longer panels, is sufficient to make people chuckle. In the next section, let’s explore his best comics.

Credit: At Random Comics

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#1. Watering the tree

#2. Wikipedia Revelation

#3. Comfort Bell

#4. Fake Kidnapping

#5. Eating

#6. No Service

He is predominantly on Instagram, with some comics shared on other platforms like Facebook and his personal website. He posted comics on his social media account twice a week. His single-panel style is often eye-catching, with a focus on witty observations and absurdist humor. That’s what makes him distinguished from other artists. His comics are always worth watching.

#7. Occupied

#8. Some News

#9. Leftovers

#10. Finite Resource

#11. Ear

#12. Runaways

#13. Funny Alarm Clock

#14. Happy Halloween

His artwork usually keeps things simple, focusing on the punchline and letting the joke speak for itself. The humor is there to take away, so the simplicity of the comics may actually strengthen their impact. I hope everyone has fun with their comics. Please don’t forget to share and comment on this blog if you find it interesting. I’m hoping you have an incredible day. Click this link to enjoy more of his comics.

#15. Overslept

#16. Lobster Breakup

#17. talent Show

#18. Space Explorers

#19. Roll it

#20. Drop Dead Gorgeous

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