20 But a Jape Comics Perfectly Portrays Dark Humor Situations

But a Jape is a webcomic that features dark humor, observational wit, and philosophical musings. It is a webcomic created by James P. Sandoval. It features a variety of short, humorous comics that often deal with absurd or unexpected situations. His comics are typically four-panel strips that deal with a variety of subjects, from everyday situations to dark humor situations. By doing so, he has 2,693 Instagram followers.

Despite their often strange appearances, the characters in But a Jape are often relatable, dealing with the same everyday problems that we all do. His illustrations are colorful and depict random, ridiculous situations that can make you laugh. Take a look at some of his amazing work in the gallery below. We hope his comics will make your day better and that your time will be worth it to watch them.

Credit: But A Jape

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#1. Humans

#2. Human math

#3. Lazy Comic

#4. Find your passion

#5. Human and their boxes

#6. Yoga Bear

He says he likes to have a lot of variety in his comics. Some are longer and have complicated artwork, while others are shorter and have simpler artwork. He has taken as little as 1.5 hours to write a comic strip, whereas it has taken me many weeks to complete the longest.

#7. Little Awkward

#8. The forlorn widow

#9. Relationship Advice

#10. The Artist

#11. Please Don’t

#12. Internet Drama

#13. New Girlfriend

#14. Ready to rock

He’s always been the type of man who just finds funny things to notice about himself and then turns to tell the next person who will listen. Sometimes it’s just evaluating a trend he’s seen in a number of stories, or it’s simply analyzing a strange exchange he had with someone. That’s where he gets his illustration ideas. Click here and here to view his previous posts if you’d like.

#15. Dumb Kids

#16. Perspective

#17. Sore shoulder

#18. Fruit by the foot

#19. that thing you like

#20. Knife guy

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