20 Weird Single-Panel Comics by Fruit Gone Bad Tickle Your Funny Bone

We eat various food items in our daily lives. These food items are based on fruits, vegetables, and non-living things. But we never thought that these food items could talk. If we imagine for a while that they can talk, the way it would look is perfectly summed up by the brilliant artist on Instagram. John King is a brilliant author and illustrator who got the idea to make comics by using food characters in our daily lives. If you want to see the inner lives of food items, then the wait is over to see his best collection of weird comics.

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Credit: Fruit Gone Bad

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Here are some of his best comics to make your day better:

#1. National Cream Filled Day

#2. Need For the book

He is the person behind the Fruit Gone Bad Instagram account. He is the artist who most accurately represents what it would look like if fruits, vegetables, and food could speak. Fruits, vegetables, and other consumables are the main characters. He draws comics that explore subjects such as food’s potential for communication. His comics are so visually appealing that 88,500 people have followed him on Instagram.

#3. From The Kitchen


#4. How was your date?

#5. Nothing Serious

#6. Lack of taste


The artist does not have plans to start this comic series. One day, he got the idea while eating fruits and vegetables. The sudden thought comes into his mind that they could also talk with each other. But we people can understand this. Then he plans to show the people how they can talk in a weird way. Due to this, he takes the initiative to make an Instagram account.

#7. No Kidding

#8. Keep Cloves on

#9. Turns Out


#10. Feeling Thorny

#11. Big Guy

He says that he gets ideas for his hilarious comics whenever he eats fruits and vegetables. Then he transformed his creative and weird thoughts into single-panel drawings with a one-line joke. His comics usually consist of a single panel and depend heavily on puns and dark comedy to express enjoyment. It is common to witness the characters participating in activities that are highly disallowed when it comes to eating, such as drinking, gambling, and smoking.

#12. Getting Trashed


#13. Heavy Session

#14. Uncle Potassium

#15. Do not get paid enough


Although many people share his comics on social media, he just has an Instagram account where he regularly posts amusing single-panel cartoons. Some people may not enjoy his comics because there may be some dark humor in parts of the jokes. Please tell us about your favorite comic in the comment section below. Keep supporting us by sharing this blog with others and coming back to Bored Comics for more.

#16. Justice of the Peas

#17. Something to eat

#18. Candy Bar


#19. Hilarious

#20. The Morning After

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