20 Fruit Gone Bad Comics Based on Absurd and Hilarious Jokes

In your life, you have undoubtedly seen many comics with ridiculous characters. But you have never thought about what might happen if food had life and could speak. However, there is a comic book creator who uses food characters in his work. Introducing John King, a cartoonist who draws comics about topics such as the possibility of food having speech. The New York cartoonist’s 87,600 Instagram followers are huge admirers of his sense of humor and jokes.

He is best known for his web comic named Fruit Gone Bad. In the alternate comic universe created by this artist, fruits and vegetables have turned nasty and slightly twisted. In this humorous web comic series, non-living things and fruits and vegetables play major roles as they go about their daily lives, form relationships, and engage in social interactions. See a collection of his best comics in the section that follows. I’m sure you’ll laugh at it.

Credit: Fruit Gone Bad

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#1. Overtime

#2. Messing

#3. Hold on

#4. Open and shut case

#5. Something to eat

#6. No respect

He draws inspiration from his environment to create charming and funny artwork. He uses everyday items like fruit and vegetables to create incredible creations. His work is proof that, with a little inspiration and originality, even the most ordinary objects can be made into something amazing. These characters are shown in his comics as having bizarre personalities and having lighthearted but slightly offensive conversations.

#7. Buttering

#8. This is the place

#9. Ladies

#10. Well

#11. Who was it?

#12. First Socket

#13. Laughing

#14. Necklace

His comics frequently use fruits and vegetables to explore issues of relationships, societal pressures, and feeling alone. His comics have a dark humor that often seems unsuitable, but it’s impossible not to laugh at them because of their wit and charm. I’m hoping these comics will be enjoyed by anyone. Please feel free to click here and here for extra enjoyment.

#15. Narrow Escape

#16. Raw

#17. Feeling Thorny

#18. Root gone bad

#19. Taste it

#20. Corn

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