20 Crazy Berkeley Mews Comics About Hilarious Moments and Jokes

If you are in search of something that makes your mood fresh, then you have come to the right place. Because on Bored Comics, you can find every type of comic on one platform. We can proudly say that we upload hilarious content to our website on a daily basis. So that people can enjoy comics on our website and make themselves happy. As our goal is to make everyone smile, that’s why we are back to discuss one of the brilliant artists who makes comics about hilarious moments and jokes.

We are going to talk about Berkeley Mews, the online sensation. Ben Zaehringer is a great artist who made this web comic. He is a well-known artist recognized for his dark humor and for focusing on the awkward and philosophical parts of daily life. He spent his childhood in the United States. At an early age, he fell in love with stories and cartooning. With time, his drawing abilities improved, and he started posting his cartoons online to a growing fan base of 187,000 followers.

Credit: Berkeley Mews

For more information, you can visit his social media platforms by clicking on these links: InstagramFacebook, and Website. You can also read some of his earlier articles on Bored Comics by simply visiting Here And Here.

There are some of his best comics in the following gallery to make you smile:

#1. Not Being my Opponent

#2. Time Travel

#3. Happy Birthday


#4. Use a Laugh

#5. Fortune cookie

#6. Feeling Funny


#7. Steak

He was born in Dallas, Texas, in 1971. Hilburn holds degrees in digital arts and psychology. He was a flash developer before resigning his day job in 2004 to focus on cartooning full-time. His comics are renowned for their perceptive observations and inspiring comedy about everyday life, relationships, and even historical figures.

#8. Hate This Job

#9. The Final Frontier


#10. Rough Breakup

#11. The End is Near

#12. Want More Brains


#13. magic Trick

Since its beginnings in 2015, this web comic has grown in popularity due to its humorous and visually appealing graphics. His comics are mostly based on Disney tales, commercial characters, and popular celebrities from the 1990s. He does not directly start the comic strips. First, he reads the comics of famous artists. Then, he pursues a degree in graphic design, which ultimately leads him to start his own comic series.

#14. The Miracle of Life

#15. Job Offer


#16. Robot Car

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#17. Iron Man

#18. Danger


#19. So Cold

#20. Job Replaced by Robots

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