20 Times Cartoonist Mark Parisi Makes People Happy With His Clever Jokes

We are back to discuss a long-running comic strip titled Off the Mark. If you are a true fan of single-panel humor, then you must see his comics and know about him. Because it is a very popular comic series that has run for many years. This comic series has appeared in newspapers since 1987. His comic book series has been recognized with honors such as the National Cartoonists Society’s Best Newspaper Panel.

If we talk about the famous and brilliant author behind this comic series, then he is none other than Mark Parisi. He received his degree in 1983 from Salem State College, where he studied art. He began submitting drawings to newspapers and periodicals as soon as he graduated from college. After his work was ultimately recognized by the Universal Press Syndicate, Off the Mark made its debut in 1987. Let’s enjoy his 20 recent comics.

Credit: Mark Parisi Otm

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#1. Put your own spin on it

#2. Comment Section

#3. Today’s message


#4. Taking so Long

#5. Rings and wings

#6. Stop making scents


He won the Best Newspaper Panel Award for Off the Mark three times, in 2008, 2011, and 2017. He took home the Best Greeting Card Award in 2013. Other cartoonists have served as inspiration for him to produce his own work. To improve his artistic abilities, he looks at the work of other well-known cartoonists. That explains why he has 111,000 devoted followers on Instagram.

#7. Reading too much into it

#8. Maybe a little salty

#9. Summer is coming


#10. need to apologize again

#11. Pillow Talk

#12. It’s delicious


#13. Happy Birthday

#14. Inside the bed

He has been creating the comic strips every day and is an American cartoonist. He was born in England in 1961. His writing has received recognition for its wisdom, humor, and perceptive observations. Readers have admired his realistic and witty humor for more than thirty years. You can view his previous posts on our website by clicking the following links: herehere, and here.

#15. Come on in


#16. It’s decision time

#17. Hitting the big time

#18. Let’s See


#19. Punch Line

#20. Do not have all Day

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