20 Mark Parisi Comics Captures Humor Only in One-Panel to Amuse You

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Mark Parisi is a well-known cartoonist, best known for his comic strip Off the Mark. Off the Mark was launched in 1987. Off the Mark is a daily comic panel that appears in around 100 newspapers. It features witty observations on everyday life, pop culture, and social issues, often with a touch of absurdity. His talent has been acknowledged by the National Cartoonists Society. He has 109,000 Instagram followers.


In 1983, he received his degree from Salem State College, where he studied art. Following his graduation from college, he began submitting his cartoons to publications and newspapers. After the Universal Press Syndicate eventually saw his work, Off the Mark made its debut in 1987. He has won the Best Newspaper Panel award for Off the Mark three times in 2008, 2011, and 2017, and the Best Greeting Cards award in 2013. You can enjoy his best comics in the next section.

Credit: Mark Parisi Otm

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#1. Good morning

image 1201

#2. Which one?

image 1202

#3. It’s time to play the music

image 1203

#4. Fish

image 1204

#5. Biting Nails

image 1205

#6. Warmest of wishes

image 1206

He is an American cartoonist who has been creating the Daily Comic Panel since 1987. His writing has received recognition for its humor, comedy, and perceptive observations about the present situation of humanity. In 1961, Parisi was born in Gloucester, Massachusetts. He was inspired by the works of many different cartoonists when he first started sketching cartoons.

#7. Paint what you see

image 1207

#8. Honey

image 1209

#9. Lighten Up

image 1210

#10. Planet fitness

image 1211

#11. Score

image 1212

#12. Sometimes I’m all over the place

image 1213

#13. Down in front

image 1214

#14. Favor

image 1215

#15. Congratulations!

image 1216

#16. Ballsy move

image 1217

His website may contain some of his comics and provide a look into his creative process. Despite the fact that Parisi seems to have a large following on social media, his work may be shared by fans or on online comics pages. It’s impossible to deny Mark Parisi’s impact on the comics industry. For more than thirty years, readers have enjoyed his clever and realistic humor in Off the Mark. You can go here and here to view his previous posts on our website.

#17. Cover your hole

image 1218

#18. Lighten up

image 1219

#19. Happy Presidents Day

image 1220

#20. Rooting

image 1221

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