20 Witty Comics That Show the Daily Life and Experiences of a Duck Family as Parents




Fowl Language Comics is a webcomic created by Brian Gordon. It revolves around the daily life and experiences of a duck family, particularly the struggles and humor of being a parent. The comic strip often features the father duck, known as “Dad,” as he navigates the challenges of raising his ducklings while dealing with the ups and downs of parenthood. The account has over 368,000 followers and features a variety of comics, illustrations, and sketches.

Fowl Language is a self-taught artist who began drawing comics as a way to cope with anxiety and depression. He began posting his work on Instagram in 2016 and quickly gained a following for his relatable and often humorous comics. His work is known for its humor, wit, and often darkly satirical take on the world. Fowl Language Comics gained popularity for its relatable and humorous portrayal of family life, capturing the joys, frustrations, and chaotic moments of parenting. The comic touches on various topics, such as sleep deprivation, tantrums, mealtime battles, and the never-ending quest for personal time.

It’s worth noting that the comic occasionally includes adult language and themes, hence the name “Fowl Language.” While the comic strip does have some mild profanity, it is often used to emphasize the comedic aspects of parenting rather than being gratuitous. However, it’s always recommended to exercise caution and ensure suitability before sharing the comic with younger audiences. They are known for their sharp wit and their ability to find humor in even the most difficult situations. Fowl Language’s work is often praised for its honesty and its ability to connect with readers on a personal level. Let’s take a look at some of his best illustrations.

Credit: Fowl Language Comics

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#1. Driving basics

#2. Texts

#3. Verify

#4. Martial arts

#5. Libraries

#6. Summer days

#7. Earthquake

#8. Crappy hulk

#9. Watch me

#10. Ridiculous

#11. Shut up!

#12. Summer prep

#13. Rough landing

#14. Cuddles

#15. Absolutely!

#16. Real talk

#17. Shelter website

#18. I know!

#19. Dad’s funeral

#20. Guess what?


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