20 Comics Feature Depressed Dinosaurs Finding Hope in Each Other


Depressed dinosaur comics have found a niche on social media platforms and webcomic websites, where artists have taken creative liberties by anthropomorphizing these ancient creatures. These comics employ humor and relatability to address the often-taboo topic of depression. Through the medium of dinosaurs, artists have found a unique way to convey the depth of human emotions. What makes these comics truly special is how they portray these ancient reptiles finding hope and strength in their shared journey.

James is an Instagram artist who creates colorful and whimsical illustrations of dinosaurs in everyday situations. Their work is often humorous and heartwarming, and it has captured the hearts of over 4.2 million followers. Dinosaur Couch features daily comics and illustrations that often feature depressed dinosaurs finding hope in each other. His illustrations are created using a variety of mediums, including digital painting and acrylic paint. They comics often feature dinosaurs with expressive faces and body language.

What makes these comics so powerful is their ability to tackle heavy subjects with a light touch. Depressed dinosaur characters grapple with feelings of sadness making their emotional journeys highly relatable to readers. By portraying these struggles in a lighthearted and often humorous manner, artists create a safe space for dialogue around mental health. A recurring theme in these comics is the idea that connection and support are crucial in the battle against depression. It highlights the importance of empathy when dealing with mental health issues. These comics remind us that no one is truly alone in their struggles, and seeking help or simply sharing our experiences can make a world of difference.

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Credit: Dinosaur Couch

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#1. Got Your Back


#2. Charge

#3. Anxiety


#4. Flirting

#5. Movie Marathon


#6. Alone Time

#7. Stephen’s House


#8. Party

#9. Dancing


#10. Movie

#11. Moments


#12. Home

#13. Fall asleep


#14. Solutions or Support

#15. Phobia


#16. Friends

#17. Ahhh


#18. Weird and Awkward

#19. Vowels


#20. Flaws

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