20 Twisted Single-Panel Comics by Bogart Creek To Make You Surprise

A good comic requires time to develop. Ultimately, you need to construct […]

A good comic requires time to develop. Ultimately, you need to construct appealing environments, create attractive characters, and convey all of this using excellent words. Furthermore, Derek Evernden creates all of this with single-panel comics, when many comic book artists use lengthy strips to satisfy their audience. By the way, Derek had the good fortune to find a publisher for his first collection of cartoon drawings.

Bogart Creek is an album of one-panel comic series that is well-known worldwide for its weird and dark humor. He is a cartoonist from Canada. Strange scenarios, weird characters that are used, and shocking jokes are all too common in his comics. He usually employs just one panel to make his audience laugh by doing this. With 19,900 followers, his Instagram account currently has a large readership.

Credit: Bogart Creek

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The comics created by this artist have become famous for their dark comedy. Many bizarre and unusual creatures that speak and dead clowns could have been seen in his comics. Although his style of humor is smart and precise, it can also be dark and twisted at times. If you enjoy dark comedy, you should definitely check out his top comics in the area below.

#1. Fancy Stuff

#2. Emergency Ward

#3. Some Kind of paragraph


#4. Character Defining Moment

#5. Eyes were saying No

#6. To Brave


Although Bogart Creek is relatively new, he has been creating comics in different formats for a long time. When he used to draw comics to get the attention of many people, it was a turning point in his life. In an attempt to get the most response from the audience, the performance took on a unique style, with the punchline saved until last. 

#7. Tooth Protector

#8. Active Mind

#9. The Question


#10. Another bloody delay

#11. Bird of paradise

Even though he says he loves comic strips, he gets the same feeling from seeing what other people are saying about his artwork online. He claims that even though he began creating comics with paint and dye, he has been drawing on computers. He continues to say that it always seemed to be far more difficult for someone to execute a joke on one panel, and humor on a single panel is usually funny.

#12. Super Friend


#13. Extra Good

#14. Needs The Machines

#15. Field Of Broken Dreams


His comics of the day are often humorous and enjoyable. But the sad news is that he does not make new comics on a regular basis. Bogart Creek is an online web comic that you could find interesting if you are trying to find happiness. To view his previous posts on our website, simply click these links:  Here And Here.

#16. Shallow

#17. Peed in the soup

#18. Death Comes


#19. The Last Passenger

#20. Need This Job

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