30 Humor Single Panel Comics By ‘Bogart Creek’

It takes time to tell a compelling story. After all, you have to create intriguing scenarios, develop fascinating characters, and tell everything in a beautiful language. And while many comic book artists draw long strips to please their readers, Derek Evernden does all of this with single-pane comics.

By the way, Derek was lucky enough to find a publisher (Renegade Arts Entertainment) for his first cartoon collection, which will hit stores at the end of March. So if he finds his black humor to be as awesome as we are, he can learn more about it on his website at bogartcreek.com.

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I started out emulating Herman and The Far Side as a kid, and even at that young age I knew I was doing spin-off nonsense, but the love for cartoons persisted through high school and college, Bogart Creek is only two years old, but He been drawing comics in various forms for many years. the turning point for me was some twenty years ago when I was working summers as a cartoonist at Toronto’s Ontario Place, attracting hundreds of tourists each summer. It was a strange performance, trying to save the shot for last to get the best reaction from the crowd. I can’t say I’m a fan of being ‘on stage, but I like to see how people respond to my black and white drawings online.



Bogart Creek happened in large part because I was getting too depressed drawing political cartoons of Trump, “Derek said.” He was gaining some momentum in that field of social commentary and it was suggested that he post some to The New Yorker. At the time, his politics didn’t allow political cartoons, so I started making dry, cerebral one-panel jokes on social issues.



As it turned out, the jokes that made me laugh were much darker and more absurd than The New Yorker seems to prefer (perhaps excluding the amazing work of Edward Steed), and that appealed to me. I’ve been seeing how far I can go ever since. I have some basic rules that I try to follow: no swearing, no sexual humor (except for the odd reindeer in drag), I try to avoid puns and overtly “identifiable” things, and no political jokes. Beyond that, the sky is the limit with these dark comics. I have been very surprised by how many people of all ages and walks of life seem to be fine with a really dark, violent, and twisted sense of humor.






































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