20 Bogart Creek’s Single-Panel Comics Known for Absurd and Dark Humor

Comics with only one panel frequently aim for a dark and absurd humor style, in which the whole joke is shown in one sweep. This raises the bar for expectations, as the viewer is expecting a strong laugh with a limited setup. Some single-panel comics rely on clever punchlines and visual jokes that are overdone in the hopes that readers will find them funny. In a similar vein, we present to you a comic book artist who exclusively uses one panel to make his audience laugh.

Derek Evernden is the creator of the single-panel comic series Bogart Creek. The comics are known for their bizarre and dark humor, and they often feature strange people in strange situations. The Instagram account of Bogart Creek, where the comics are situated, is referred to as a place where anything is possible.” He has 20,300 Instagram followers. You can check out his best 20 comics in the following section.

Credit: Bogart Creek

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#1. Happy Holidays

#2. Goal

#3. Chirping

#4. Great

#5. Stones

#6. War

He is a Canadian cartoonist. He always creates single-panel comics known for their dark and absurd humor. His comics often feature bizarre situations, twisted characters, and unexpected punchlines. By doing so, he always makes his audience laugh only through a single panel. The artist also claims that it is difficult to make audience laugh only through one-panel, that’s why there are only few artists who make such comics.

#7. Surgery

#8. Singing

#9. Complaints

#10. Count

#11. Fountain

#12. Relatable

When he was younger, he had a great passion for drawing comics. This passion continued into high school and college. Although Bogart Creek is not so much an old webcomic, he has drawn comics in a variety of formats for many years, which is how he started this webcomic. Now, his comics are consistently funny and enjoyable. If you enjoy his comics, please share and leave a comment. You can also enjoy some of his previous posts on Bored Comics by clicking here and here.

#13. Childhood Moments

#14. Does not work

#15. Recording

#16. Time Travel

#17. Postal Message

#18. Swim

#19. Secret Knock

#20. Getting Something

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