20 Bogart Creek Comics Full of Single-Panel Humor and Hilarious Jokes

Bogart Creek is a collection of single-panel comics created by cartoonist Derek Evernden. He is a Canadian cartoonist. His one-panel comics are known for their strange and dark humor everywhere. In his comics, bizarre situations, twisted characters, and unexpected punchlines are all too frequent. By doing this, he often gets his audience to laugh with just one panel. His Instagram account currently has a huge audience of 20,100 followers.


The artist’s comics are known for their dark and absurd humor, similar in style to The Far Side. His comics include a wide range of weird and strange characters, such as talking animals and deadly clowns. His sense of humor is sharp and thought-provoking, but it’s also sometimes dark and twisted. You should definitely check out his top 20 comics in the area below if you like dark comedy.

Credit: Bogart Creek

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#1. Yoga


#2. RIP


#3. Stuck

#4. Hilarious


#5. Just Great

#6. Got it


Although he started off making comics with brushes and ink, he says he has been painting on tablets more and more. He adds that it always seemed to be much harder for someone to pull off a joke in a mini-story with multiple panels. Single-panel humor is usually amusing, and the artist believed it was a good idea to fit everything into one frame.

#7. Coconut Milk

#8. Recycled Materials


#9. Looks Angry

#10. True


#11. Another Delay

#12. nightmare


#13. Cat

#14. Horny


#15. Hard Times

#16. Nice one


Although Bogart Creek was started by him after he had drawn comics for many years in a variety of formats, it isn’t exactly an old web comic. These days, his comics are often funny and entertaining. A web comic that might be of interest to you if you’re looking for happiness has the name Bogart Creek. All you have to do to see his past posts on our site is click these links:  Here And Here.

#17. Gangster

#18. Infinity pool


#19. Tickle Us

#20. Ladder


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