Here are 20 Absurd Single-Panel Comics Full of Dark Humor




Absurd single-panel comics full of dark humor offer a unique and unconventional form of comedic expression that challenges traditional boundaries. These comics are characterized by their brief yet impactful storytelling, presenting bizarre and often twisted scenarios that leave readers both amused and slightly unsettled. In these darkly humorous comics, the unexpected becomes the norm and the bizarre takes center stage. The humor in these comics often arises from the collision of the mundane and the absurd, showcasing strange realities.

The artists behind these creations skillfully blend the absurd with the macabre, crafting panels that provoke laughter tinged with a touch of discomfort. Bogart Creek is a series of single-panel comics created by Derek Evernden. The comics are characterized by their dark and absurd humor, often featuring offbeat characters and situations. The comics are set in a fictional town called Bogart Creek, which is described as a “place where anything is possible.” He has 20,600 Instagram followers.

The comics often include elements such as killer clowns, sarcastic predators, and witty psychopaths. The characters in Bogart Creek are a diverse bunch, including humans, animals, and even inanimate objects. They often find themselves in strange and unexpected situations, which usually lead to some kind of darkly humorous outcome. Everyday occurrences are transformed into darkly comedic masterpieces, exploring the unconventional and the unexpected with a dash of irony and wit. If you’re a fan of dark and absurd humor, then you’ll definitely want to check out Bogart Creek. It’s a unique and refreshing take on the single-panel comic format, and it’s sure to leave you laughing.

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Credit: Bogart Creek

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#1. Time machine

#2. Wild west

#3. Museum

#4. Called

#5. Umbrella

#6. Genie

#7. Academy

#8. Birthday!

#9. Field

#10. Sandwich

#11. Vampires

#12. Inventor

#13. Superstitious

#14. Bear

#15. Dragon

#16. Greek mythology

#17. Leaning tower

#18. Neighbors

#19. Soccer

#20. Whale

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