20 Blobby and Friends Perfectly Sums Up Social Issues

The world is filled with injustice. The only thing we can always do is at least not keep quiet about it, even though we can’t always take direct action. Blobby and Friends is a comic series that captures such situations. The brilliant brain behind this incredible webcomic series doesn’t provide a lot of personal information.

The colorful comics, which center around a women who exposes social concerns that some people encounter on a daily basis, have already gained more than 494,000 Instagram followers. Blobby and their friends, including Monkey, Lily, Roly, Ashley, and Punk Kid, are all charming and relatable in their own ways. You’ll instantly fall in love with their expressive faces and silly things. We have compiled her best illustrations in the next section. I hope everyone will enjoy these comics.

Credit: Blobby And Friends

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#1. Don’t worry

#2. Date

#3. Technology

#4. Mosquito

#5. Sounds like heaven to me

#6. Tip

Her comics often revolve around the gang’s everyday adventures, tackling relatable situations like friendship, growing up, and navigating social interactions. She always combines lighthearted humor with thought-provoking topics to address social issues like homelessness, racism, and mental health with sensitivity and empathy. That’s why her comics never fail to amuse people, and they always agree with her comics.

#7. Pain

#8. Just a coincidence 

#9. Ever happened to you? 

#10. Is that how it works? 

#11. Be kind 

#12. Stay safe

#13. In a different universe 

#14. Prove it

In today’s society, every woman faces issues like body image, social anxiety, and the pressure to fit in, but her comics capture them with humor and heart, reminding us that everyone has their own struggles and that it’s okay to be different. That’s how her comics give a positive message. If you enjoy more such comics, then don’t hesitate to click here.

#15. Cheated on me

#16. Skin showing

#17. Sweet heart

#18. It worked

#19. What’s up

#20. Gamer Boy

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