Here are 20 Funny Comics about Awkward Situations To Make You Laugh

Being awkward is a common human emotion. Laughing at embarrassing circumstances can help us let go of the stress and worry we frequently experience in social situations. We can release some of the pressure to be flawless and just enjoy the humor when we realize the stupidity of these situations. We are reminded that we are not alone when we see these situations portrayed in comics.

With its lovely blend of relatability and humor, one account has struck a chord with almost 99,700 followers on the huge and lively Instagram platform, where creativity knows no limitations. Let’s introduce an Instagram account named Awkwerrrd, created by the comic artist Bhaghya Babu, who has a remarkable ability to turn even the most awkward moments in life into hilarious jokes. Let’s explore some of her best comics in the following section.

Credit: Awkwerrrrd

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#1. You Tube Video

#2. Babies

#3. Weight Loss

#4. Mistake

#5. Different Steps

#6. Gym

Her Instagram account contains a wide range of content, from relevant comics about everyday embarrassing situations to amusing illustrations of people saying or doing awkward things. With a hilarious peek into the awkward situations that we all surely find ourselves in, she has emerged as a perfect artist for readers. She consistently makes her audience laugh by capturing awkward moments, and she never fails to do so.

#7. Nope

#8. Memory

#9. Cancel Ticket

#10. Quit Job

#11. Hair Wash

#12. Look

#13. Trip

Of course, the humor in comics about awkward situations is subjective. What one person finds funny, another person might find cringeworthy. But that’s part of what makes them so interesting. I hope you people like these comics. If you want to enjoy more, then feel free to click here. Have a great day.

#14. Rain

#15. Don’t Know

#16. Ideas

#17. So happy

#18. The power of makeup 

#19. Awkward

#20. Weather

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