20 Bathpoopoo Comics Based on Dark Situations Will Tickle Your Funny Bone

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Not everyone likes dark humor, since dark comics may have unexpected twists that make readers laugh aloud. A lot of artists create dark comics in an attempt to make their fans laugh. However, Bathpoopoo is the one unique artist of dark comedy comics. We’re going to introduce you to a new collection of darkly humorous comics today, but before, let’s get to know the artist.


Introducing Singaporean artist Bathpoopoo. Indeed, your presumption that this isn’t the man’s original name is accurate. As a result, his true name has been kept a mystery because the artist promised never to disclose it online. She doesn’t hesitate to explore awkward situations, make fun of taboo issues, and deliver punchlines that will shock and entertain in both ways. Her Instagram following is 15,600. In the part that follows, let’s explore some of his best comics.

Credit: Bathpoopoo

For More Info: Instagram

#1. Morning People

image 2647

#2. Emotions

image 2648

#3. Moron

image 2649

#4. Exercise Plans

image 2650

#5. Limits are there to be tested

image 2651

#6. Shopping

image 2652

He began with an iPad purchase and dedicated hours to increasing his drawing proficiency. The creator is only 29 years old, yet his comics are already really good. He takes great pleasure in quirkiness and unexpected comedy. You can’t help but laugh aloud at the deep sense of humor that each comic’s ending shows. He created these comics by combining all of his interests with his love of drawing.

#7. Precious thing

image 2653

#8. Jumping

image 2667

#9. Friends

image 2655

#10. Body

image 2656

#11. Relatable

image 2657

#12. Starving

image 2658

#13. Annoying Drivers

image 2659

#14. Trick or Treat

image 2660

#15. Treat your elders with respect

image 2661

Bathpoopoo’s comics can be offensive to some people. They deal with sensitive topics and can be quite disturbing. If you’re a fan of dark humor, then this blog is surely for you. Don’t forget to leave a comment and share the blog. For more enjoyment, you can also see his earlier posts on our website. For this, you have to simply click here.

#16. Doubt

image 2662

#17. Instagram filters

image 2663

#18. Constipation

image 2664

#19. War

image 2665

#20. Autocorrect

image 2666

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