Here are 20 Bliss Cartoons by New Yorker Magazine Cartoonist

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In a fast-paced world, consuming entertainment in small doses is appealing. Single panels offer a quick laugh without requiring lengthy engagement. That’s why most people prefer to enjoy single-panel comics. For those people, we bring another New Yorker Magazine artist who is an expert at capturing humor only in single-panel comics.


Meet Harry Bliss. He’s an American cartoonist and illustrator best known for his single-panel web comic Bliss Cartoons, published in The New Yorker magazine since 1989. He also creates covers, illustrations for books, and other visual works. He has 60,600 Instagram followers. We have compiled his best comics of all time in the following section. If you are a fan of single-panel humor and want to enjoy these comics, then scroll down to the section below.

Credit: Bliss Cartoons

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#1. Happy New Year

image 1596

#2. Gin Joints

image 1597

#3. We have done that

image 1598

#3. Screen Play

image 1599

#5. How many times?

image 1600

#6. Don’t get me wrong

image 1601

His ability to tell a whole story or trigger feelings in just one frame shows artistic talent and can be visually appealing. His comics are known for their quirky humor, intelligent analyses of daily life, and often surprising turns. The humor or message can be delivered easily and efficiently because of the single-panel format.

#7. Legal Show

image 1602

#8. Knew it

image 1603

#9. New Year

image 1604

#10. Landscape

image 1605

#11. Broken Record

image 1606

#12. Wrist Warmers

image 1607

#13. Pass the chicken

image 1608

Some find that a single panel brings back nostalgic recollections of their early years with newspaper comics or their favorite cartoonists, which increases the pleasure. These lighthearted details give a brief mental escape and much-needed relief from the stresses of everyday life. Therefore, we think you will find yourself laughing over this selection, regardless of how long you have been a dedicated reader of The New Yorker or how recently you have discovered the genius of Harry Bliss’s work.

#14. Tonight

image 1609

#15. Happy

image 1610

#16. Not your fault

image 1611

#17. Grounded

image 1612

#18. Park

image 1613

#19. Huge Mistake

image 1614

#20. Student Loan

image 1615

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