Here are 20 Jhall Comics Based on Dark and Surreal Situations

The mastermind of JHall Comics, Josh Hall, has created a web comic series that connects with readers because of its dark and surreal themes. He has over 28,000 Facebook followers alone, which is a significant following. His comics are renowned for their unique blend of dark, weird, and hilarious comedy. They often include surprising turns and twists that keep you wondering until the very end.

He experiments with a variety of comic strip styles, such as multi-panel strips, single-panel jokes, and even larger-story comics. This variety keeps things fresh and ensures there’s something for everyone. While many of Jhall’s comics are standalone jokes, some explore recurring characters and their quirky personalities. For the reader, this creates a layer of familiarity and connection. In the following part, let’s explore his best comics.

Credit: JHall Comics

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#1. Waffling

#2. Ghosts

#3. Gender Reveal


#4. Low Opinion

#5. Quiet Kid

#6. The Secret


He has become known for his inventive and humorous representations of the Pokemon universe. His art frequently addresses pop culture, video games, romantic relationships, and strange aspects of everyday life. There may be allusions to anime, RPGs, Pokémon, and other popular culture. He makes his audience laugh in this way. His comics are incredibly well-liked and consistently entertaining.

#7. Comfy Cat

#8. Interrogation

#9. Are you serious?


#10. Depressing


#11. Warfare

#12. Flame

#13. Genie


Every panel is expertly designed to highlight humorous timing and present punchlines that have the most effect. JHall Comics is certain to be a beloved web comic series for many years to come, as long as he can draw in and amuse people with his unique sense of humor. Feel free to explore his previous posts on our website by clicking here.

#14. Sleep Powder

#15. Source Material

#16. Development


#17. Noticing Details

#18. Enjoyment


#19. Appeal

#20. Babies

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