20 Relatable Comics Centered around Life, Relationships, and Pokemon

Josh Hall, the creative genius behind JHall Comics, has crafted a webcomic series that resonates with audiences through its humorous and relatable scenarios. With a substantial following of over 28,000 on Facebook alone, Hall’s unique blend of comedy, life experiences, and Pokémon references has garnered widespread acclaim. Hall’s comics often deal with everyday life, from the mundane to the absurd. He’s not afraid to tackle tough subjects, but he always does so with a sense of humor.

His comics are full of self-deprecating humor, and he’s not afraid to make fun of himself. But it’s not all matters of the heart in JHall Comics; Pokémon enthusiasts also have a special place in Hall’s creative universe. Drawing inspiration from the beloved franchise, Hall seamlessly weaves Pokémon references into his comic strips, delighting fans of the series. From the absurdity of battling gym leaders to the challenges of capturing rare Pokémon, Hall’s Pokémon-themed comics offer a nostalgic and humorous trip down memory lane for fans of all generations.

While the subject matter of JHall Comics covers a wide range of themes, it’s Hall’s unique artistic style that truly brings his work to life. Each panel is carefully crafted to accentuate comedic timing and deliver punchlines with maximum impact. The simplicity of the artwork serves as a canvas for the sharp writing, allowing the jokes to take center stage. By exploring themes of life, relationships, and Pokémon, Hall manages to find humor in the mundane and turn everyday scenarios into comedic gold. As he continues to entertain and engage audiences with his unique brand of humor, it’s clear that JHall Comics will remain a cherished webcomic series for years to come.

Credit: JHall Comics

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#1. Buff inserts

#2. Child of the internet

#3. Weight loss

#4. Deep pockets

#5. The secret

#6. Wise man of the mountain

#7. Hydra

#8. No time

#9. Willy badonka

#10. Bird box

#11. Comic formula

#12. T. Vanity

#13. Big fan

#14. Gender reveal

#15. A bridge too far

#16. Stop policing men’s bodies

#17. Posture

#18. Comfy cozy cat

#19. It’s a living

#20. Pardon

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