20 Lunar Baboon Comics That Will Bring a Smile to Your Face

Lunar Baboon Comics, We’re here today with more brand-new comic collections by an artist that you probably already know. The well-known webcomic Lunar Baboon was made by Christopher Grady. The comic focuses on the daily experiences and reflections of an appealing character who is a mix of a baboon and a human named Lunar Baboon.

The webcomic examines several topics, such as relationships, parenthood, personal development, and introspection, and frequently does it in a lighthearted and approachable manner. It revolves around the daily struggles and successes of a half-man, half-monkey character. His comics are always amusing to his fans. That’s why he has an audience of 626,000 followers on his Instagram account. There is a collection of his best 20 comics in the following section. You can check it out by scrolling down to the below section.

Credit: Lunar Baboon

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#1. So Rough

#2. Bad Things

#3. Godzilla

#4. Weird

#5. Coming

#6. Too Bad

The artist’s comics are known for their bold, expressive art style and their offbeat sense of humor. His art style is distinctive, with thick lines, captivating features, and a vibrant color scheme. His characters are full of personality and emotion, and the comics are visually engaging from start to finish.

#7. Naughty List

#8. Horny

#9. Little Concerned

#10. Get it

#11. Story

#12. New Glasses

#13. Fighting

You can read the comics from the beginning on the Lunar Baboon website, where they are archived. He also often uploads new drawings and comics to his Instagram and Twitter pages. I hope you all enjoy his comics. Remember to share this blog and leave a comment. Click this link if you would like to enjoy more.

#14. World

#15. Quiet Mornings

#16. Toilet paper

#17. Scream

#18. What’s wrong?

#19. Free Time

#20. Couch Party

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