20 Dark Comics often Poke Fun at Everyday Experiences and Situations

Dark comics, characterized by their subversive humor and often macabre themes, possess a unique talent for poking fun at everyday experiences and situations. With a sharp wit that defies convention, these comics delve into the mundane and unearth the absurdity within. Whether it’s lampooning the quirks of modern life, satirizing societal norms, or shedding light on the darker aspects of human behavior, dark comics offer a fresh and daring perspective that challenges the status quo with a dose of laughter.


Berkeley Mews is a prime example of an artist who excels at creating dark comics that humorously dissect everyday experiences and situations. Ben Zaehringer has an Instagram account with over 191,000 followers. The account features photos and videos related to his comics and other content. The comics are known for their humor and relatability, particularly for young adults. He often uses his comics to explore topics such as pop culture, relationships, and everyday life.

His work is characterized by its simple yet expressive style and his ability to capture the funny side of even the most mundane situations. Whether it’s the absurdity of modern technology, the quirks of social interactions, or the darker aspects of human nature, these comics poke fun at life’s complexities, inviting readers to chuckle at the bizarre and often unsettling realities of the world we live in. Berkeley Mews’ ability to find humor in the darkest corners of existence is a testament to the power of comics to provoke laughter and contemplation simultaneously. Let’s take a look at some of his best dark comics.

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Credit: Berkeley Mews

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#1. Therapy

#2. Busted


#3. Beware

#4. Mars Rover


#5. Vote for me

#6. Cupid


#7. VCR


#8. Wait for it

#9. One Small Step


#10. Burglars

#11. Slow Clap


#12. Time is Ticking

#13. Password Sharing


#14. Objection!

#15. Get Milk


#16. Earth Impression

#17. Life Raft


#18. Capacity

#19. Paranoid


#20. Monster

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